Evening plans.


Inserts from Roy Montgomery’s reissue of “324 e. 13th street #7” (2014)


Overheard at Arctangent 2014:

'Sometimes… I think the stars cry…' - Some very high guy

Also sick mail day feat TTNG record I got at Arctangent. If you want one of the ~ONLY REMAINING~ Ambersmoke/Fragile/Life In Slow Motion tapes hmu. Also Jason did an amazing job with the packaging for the Sylphae split mini-CDrs and the Fragile tapes goddamn what a guy

Arctangent was all kinds of awesome. Much love to Tom, Simon, Nick, both Chris-es, Kyle, Pete, Nicole, Sean, anyone else who I’ve absentmindedly forgotten, and all the other cool beautiful people I hung out with this weekend, plus all the great bands that played. xoxo


@Gloomgaze and I last night at ArcTanGent!


My favourite memory of Arctangent 2014 is saying ‘I fucking hate Explosions in the Sky’ and getting a death stare from a teen girl for a full minute

Nick Canessa: Post-rock Casanova

Heading off to Bristol to crash with Nick, then heading down to Arctangent Festival over the weekend with some peeps. If you’re there, we should meet up. Ciao.


Alien, 1979.

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