8 Anime Series Made For Guys That Look Really Girly

because shows with emotional or literary depth are only for men, apparently

this lightning storm is pretty much apocalyptic right now so if i die i want my body to be cremated into a fine powder and ingested by phil elverum

talk to me about the production on Disintegration and why Pictures Of You is the best song of the 80s


on a similar note, i doubt i have anything close to the internet clout for this to be anything but windpiss, but hey:

follow gloomgaze.

there is no downside to this decision.

there are many downsides to this decision follow momanddadaism instead

if you’ve never listened to Disintegration in the middle of a lightening storm i fully recommend it this is absolutely amazing

I have also made a very strange and possibly regrettable purchase but I HAD TO HAVE IT

Syro listening party at Rise!



My cat is always so anxious for his daily car rides !


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